Marquees Information

We have lots different styles of marquees. They are classic or premium marquee/Pavilion, Electron peg pole marquee, self-erect peg pole marquee as well range of small marquees.

What Size/Type Marquee Do You Need?

This depends on some factors we can supply marquee for small groups up large events of 500+ people.
These factors include:
– Amount of people at the event
– Style of event – Formal sit-down, casual stand-up buffet, Cocktail Style, Trade Show Event
– If you are having dance floor / bridal table / bar area
– Style of tables – round or rectangular tables etc.
So Please contact Gold Event team and we will help work out what marquee is best suited for your event.
All marques are quoted on being pegged down on grass or gravel surfaces, if it’s required to be set up on a concrete
surface, e.g., tennis court, weighting down of the marquee will be required and this incurs an additional cost.
Please note that only the premium marquee can be weighted down.
Our Marquees are also quoted with no flooring. If this is required, please ask the gold event hire team about options.

What is difference between the Premium and a Classic Marquee?

Classic Marquee: This Marquee has 5mtr bays. Therefore, it can be increased in decreased in size by 5mtr allotments. The Classic Marquee has hook/clip on walls (If walls are required). Walls can be unhooked and folded, hooked back or completely unhooked and folded up and put away (in a dry safe spot). There are straps on the outside every 5mtr bay and on each corner so extra room must be allowed in the space that it is to be erected. There are clear and white wall and roof options available. This marquee is pegged in or can be stood with weights for an additional cost.

Premium Marquee: This Marquee has 3mtr bays. Therefore, I can be increased or decreased in size by 3mtr allotments. It has sliding walls making the walls easy to open and shut without worrying about taking them off. The Premium Marquee also has no straps on outside of Marquee at all – unless the weather predictions are extreme – giving a seamless elegant look. This marquee is pegged or can be stood with weights for an additional cost.

Electron Peg & Pole Marquee?

Our Elegant Electron Marquee Comes with 50% white walls and 50% Clear walls and White roof. This marquee has centre poles located within the marquee. It has options of a silk lined roof as well as classic fairy lights. The centre poles can also be silk lined with the option to have just the poles and not the roof silk lined. This marquee can only be pegged in and has straps on the outside every 3mtr.

Marquees Walls?

Yes, all Marquees except the 3x3mtr Quick shades come with the appropriate walls. *The Clear Roof Marquees come with 100% Clear Walls /or white walls on request *The White Roof or Silk-lined Roof Marquees come with 50% White & 50% Clear Walls. * Small Event / Caterer Tents are all white walls.

Clear Roof Marquee?

Clear Roof look Stunning but not recommended for daytime events as get extremely hot. A mix of clear roof and white roof can also be an option with silk also able to be added to white sections. For example; clear in middle and white each end or clear one end white other end. Clear roof Marquee come with full clear walls but if you wish hide something, e.g., caterer tent or toilets etc, white walls can be added on request.

Unlined White Roof Marquee?

Comes with 50% white walls and 50% Clear walls.

Silk Roof Lined?

Silk is a Stunning option to hide all roof structure on a white roof marquee. Fairy lighting can also be added to the silk lining and sits between the roof and silk. The fairy lights then shine softly through the silk lining.

Lighting in Marquee?

We suggest one of following, Rustic festoon chandeliers, Ball Lights or Festoon Pendant lighting to allow adequate
lighting for dinner and speeches. These can then be dimmed or switched off later in night to create a different
atmosphere with the deluxe fairy lighting providing the main, much softer light source.

Please Note all lighting must be supplied and installed by the Gold Event Team unless a supplier is approved by GOLD Event Hire before your event. This is due to all our equipment being up to standard and regularly tested and tagged.
Any damage caused by the hirer, fitting unapproved lights, that causes burn or damage to the marquee or roof
structure is responsible for replacements costs that start from $5000 depending on the section damages. Due to
WH&S standards all gold event marquees are installed with a Circuit breaker.

Extras for Marquee?

– Leg Draping are for legs of marquee and cover the steel structure. They can be on all legs or only front side if requested.
– Bridal Table Skirting is great for the font of bridal table and looks stunning. It also gives the bridal party some privacy so don’t have keep legs cross all night.
– The Bridal Back Drop with Waterfall Back Drop Fairy Lights is an option we can also supply. You can choose to have the silk and lights, just the silk or just the lights. However, the Silk Bridal Back Drop softens the Fairy Lights, which works better for photos.

Outside Lighting?

We can provide outside lighting with our festoon lighting and poles. The festoon lighting is a self-install item as everyone has their own ideas and ways they would like it set up, however the gold event hire team is more than happy to assist with this. We also have flood lights available.

Free Site Inspections?

All Marquee jobs receive a Free on-site inspection after booking and deposit payment. The site inspections will
– check access to site for trucks.
– that the marquee stie has enough room for marquee
– there are no services that might be way when pegging marquee e.g., phone/ power / water.
– check your power supply to ensure that no power disruptions to the event could occur.
– A comprehensive look at all hire for the wedding/event and any questions or worries that you may have about
your big day are also addressed.
By performing this site inspection check it ensures that we have no problems when our men go out to erect the
marquee and your day can run as smoothly as possible. This is a free service that we offer and therefore is at no
additional cost to you.

Marquee Setup and Pull Down?

We aim to deliver and erect the marquee usually on the Wednesday or Thursday before the event and dismantle the marquee on the Sunday, Monday or Tuesday following the event. We happy to negotiate with you if prefer different day.

Setup and pack days may vary depending on workload for the week. The Gold Event Hire team will inform you a few
weeks before your event on setup and pack up.

Set Up Day of Marquee Information?

On the day of set up Gold Event Hire will normally turn up with 2 to 3 people in morning. The hirer must have an additional 3+ capable people to help setup the marquee and unload trucks. If You cannot supply the addition help, please advise GOLD Event Hire team before your event as we will need bring more labourers. This will also incur addition labour cost.
Setup would normally take between 4 to 7 hours; however, this may vary on each job depending on how much there is to be setup.
On setup day we will erect the marquee/s, install the marquee lighting and deliver all the other hire items.
The GOLD Event Hire Team does not setup the tables and chairs or set the tables. If you wish for this to be done, please enquire before your event.
Please make sure the area for marquee setup is clear and lawn is mowed before our arrival as the lawn cannot be mowed once the marquee is setup.

Pull Down Day of Marquee Information?

Pull down is normally quicker than setup and the same addition of help is required.
We Ask that all items that do not belong GOLD Event Hire are removed before our arrival and that the chair and
table stack/s that Gold Event Hire left on setup day are reset and ready for packing. All items must be in a clean and
orderly manner in their supply cartes.

Power for Marquee?

GOLD Event Hire does not supply a generator but can advise were to hire one from. If using power onsite
Gold Event Hire team will check is appropriation to use during the stie inspection.

Catering and Caterers Marquee?

GOLD Event Hire does not do catering but can supply all the catering equipment and can also recommend a cater for you.
If caterer marque is required, it will be setup on same day and include walls and lighting if required and quoted.
Most caters will require a 5x5mtr marquee but always check with caterer what they will require e.g., tables, size of marquee, cooking equipment cutlery, crockery etc.

Marquee Decoration?

Please note that paper, balloons, and crepe streamers are not permitted in marquees. The dye from these products causes unrepairable damage and hirer will be held responsible.
Fire pits or fire must not be located near or in the marquee as embers can causes unrepairable damage and hire will be held responsible.
Patio gas heaters must only be used in marquees if hired from gold event hire as they are shorter and must be located within 3 metres of any outside edge of marquee.

How to Secure a Booking, Deposit and Payments?

A 10% deposit and signed T&C is required for equipment and marquee hire. A Security Bond is also required, which is refundable after the event without damaged or missing items.
If a marquee is not required deposit and Bond will be worked out based on items hired.
If Booking is cancelled by customer, the deposit will be only refundable under Gold Event Hire management discretion.
All items must be paid in full before dispatched.
All bookings must be paid in full 14 days before event.

Hire Cost is Per Event Not Per Day?

An event is normally classed as, pickup as early as Thursday, rented until Monday and returned by 3:30 on the
Monday. This is all covered by the one hire cost. If items rented are returned any later a late fee may be charged.
Please advise our team which day you would like to pick up and when the item will be returned. We are happy
negotiate times and days for pick up and returns.

Delivery/Pickups by Gold Event Hire Without Marquee?

If required the Gold Event Hire Team can normally arrange delivery and pickup of hire items. The cost is worked out on a km rate and how many vehicles are needed for your delivery. An exact delivery address is needed.
There must adequate access for vehicle e.g.: If truck is need must be enough clearance for Height of truck.
There must also be capable people at site help with unloading and loading.
Delivery and pickup does not include setup or pack up. All items are to be clean, packed back in their appropriate supply crates or boxes and stacked ready for pickup. If you require setup and pack up, please inquire about that when quoted.

Self-pick Up and Return?

All items must return on day stated on the invoice. E.g.: most items can be pickup as early as Thursday and returned on Monday before 3.30pm for one hire cost. If the items are returned late, a late fee may be charged.
All items must be returned in the same crate / box / bag that they came in and must be clean.
Please advise our team on which day you would like to have pick up. We happy negotiate times and days for pick up and returns
Its hirer’s responsibility to have the appropriate tiedowns / vehicle and secure all of the hire items so they are not damaged. If items are damage in transport the hirer will be changed for the repair or replacement costs.
Items that are not available for self-pick-up include:
– The Rustic Timber Tables
– Dark Padded Folding Chairs
– 2ft Stainless steel High Bar Tables
– White Bar Stools
– Premium Glassware
– Deluxe Dance Floor
– Parquetry Dance Floor

Double & Single Portable Toilets?

Toilets are ready for use, but they may be required to be filled with water and this will be advised at the time of hire.
Toilet paper and hand wash is not included in hire. Toilets come on a trailer and stay on trailer. They have small step
to enter the toilet and have small solar lights. The cost includes the pump out fee, which is done by Gold Event Hire, we just ask that they are returned in a clean manner.

Cool Rooms?

To run Cool rooms, they must be connected with 1x extension lead on more 25mtr in length to mains power.
Gold event hire does not include power lead, if you require one, please advise the team at the time of hire.
If connected to a generator we recommend no less, then 8kva to run them.
The cool rooms are on trailers and must stay on the trailers.
Internal measurements of usable area in the cool rooms are 1.5m x1.5m and approximately 1850mm high. Each cool room has 2-3 shelves inside which are removable.
The cool rooms are not designed to be subjected to rough or repetitive trauma caused by being driven at speed over rough/poorly maintained roads. The cool rooms are subject to duty of care by the hirer whilst under tow and the upmost care is needed to safely drive them over deteriorated terrain. They are not a 4WD item. Any damaged
caused by unsuitable towing will be charged directly to the hirer.
Cool rooms must sit for 15 minutes once the destination is reached before it is plugged in.

Dance Floor Options?

There are 3 types of dance floor. We recommend all Dance floors be install on as flat of surface as possible.
The self–erect standard dance floor is a set of plywood sheets with each sheet measuring 1200x 1200. It is installed with timber runners in a combination of 1.4mtr timber runners and 3mtr timber runner that the plywood sheets are
screwed down to. The screws are supplied but the screw gun is not supplied. The
Deluxe timber look outdoor / indoor dance floor is only able to be assembled by the Gold Event Hire team and is a clip together floor made out plastic material that once assembles looks stunning.
The Deluxe timber Parquetry Dance Floor is ONLY for inside use within the marquee or buildings as is made from real parquetry timber and cannot get wet. This dance floor can only be setup by the Gold Event Hire team.

Table Sizes?

All our tables are made with a wood top and steel folding legs. They are not designed to get excessively wet or left out in the rain and weather.
The 6ft Rectangle Tables seat 3 people a side and are 750mm wide.
The 8ft Rectangle tables seat 4 people a side and are 750mm wide.
The 8ft Extra wide Rectangle tables seat 4 people a side and are 1.1mtr wide.
The 5ft Round tables seat up 8 people
The 6ft Round tables seat up 10 people
The 7ft Rustic Timber Tables seat up 4 people a side, are 900mm wide and are not available for self-pickup.
Gold Event Hire have linen tablecloths available in black and white to fit out tables.

Cutlery / Crockery / Glassware?

All Cutlery / Crockery / Glassware comes in special crates/boxes and must be returned in the same box. If the boxes or cartes are lost or damaged the hirer will be charged the replacement cost.
All Cutlery / crockery / glassware must be rinsed and dried before being placed back in its appropriate box. If this does not occur a cleaning fee will be charged.
If any items are lost or damaged the replacement cost will be charged to the hirer.

Tablecloths & Linen?

Tablecloths and linen comes in bag ready to use. Please note tablecloth hire includes a laundromat fee, so once used just place in a bag dry (not wet as they go mouldy) and return to Gold Event Hire. If any tablecloths are lost or damaged or unable to be cleaned the replacement cost will be charged to the hirer.

Caterer Equipment?

All Caterer Equipment must be returned clean or a cleaning fee will be charged.

Gas Roasters? (includes 4kg of gas)

We have gas roaster ovens, (not spit roaster) as a gas roster allows you to cook nearly anything. For example, vegetables, meat or even used to just keep food warm. It also removes the chance of any issues of a rotary motor breaking down whilst being hired. A gas roster works with one large burner at the back in a cylindrical shape that circulates the heat around the food evenly.

Self-Erect Peg & Pole Marquee?

The self-erect peg pole marquee comes in 3 sizes and comes with an info sheet how they go up. They are relatively easy to assemble but do require 2 to 3 capable people and a large hammer. The marquee must erected on a reasonably flat surface.

The marquee comes in bags and must be put back in neatly, folded up and clean the same way it came out, in same bags. The marquee must be put away dry so that it does not go mouldy. If that is not possible please inform the Gold Event Hire team on return so we can dry it as required.
This marquee is not a toy and is heavy. It comes in 2 x pole bags (length 2600mm width 300mm), 1 x roof end bag
(length 700mm width 1200mm), 1 x wall bag (length 600mm width 700mm) and 1 x peg bag. A ute or trailer is required for pickup.

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