Self-Erecting Tents

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How to Erect a Marquee Tent

Start by selecting a suitable location with flat, clear ground, and check the weather forecast to avoid strong winds or rain. 

Next, unpack and organise all the components, sorting items such as poles, canopy, and sidewalls.

  •  Measure and mark the tent area, ensuring the space is slightly larger than the tent’s footprint. 
  • Assemble the frame by connecting the poles to form the base and securing the joints tightly for stability. 
  • Once the frame is complete, spread the canopy over it and attach it using clips, ties, or Velcro. With assistance, lift the frame and canopy into an upright position and secure the frame poles with stakes.
  • Attach the guy lines to the designated points on the canopy or frame, stake them into the ground at a 45-degree angle, and tighten them for stability. 

If applicable, install the sidewalls using the provided fasteners, ensuring they are secure and properly sealed. 

Finally, make any necessary adjustments for a snug fit, check all connections and fastenings, and walk around the tent to inspect its stability, ensuring all stakes are firmly in place and no parts are loose.

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