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🌈 Key Features of Our $1090 Package:

  1. Ceramic Elegance: Indulge in the comfort of our ceramic toilets, featuring hands-free foot pedals for a hygienic and seamless experience.
  2. Vanity of Distinction: Adorned with stone top vanities, stainless steel sinks, and extra-large backlit mirrors, our facilities provide a luxurious space for personal grooming.
  3. Power to You: Each cubicle boasts internal power points, allowing your guests to conveniently use beauty appliances and more, ensuring they look and feel their best.
  4. Climate Control: Beat the elements with our built-in air conditioning units, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the weather outside.
  5. Lighting: interior and exterior lighting, adding a touch of glamour to your event
  6. Sounds of Celebration: Immerse your guests in an audio experience with the Bluetooth sound system, creating the perfect ambiance for every moment.

💎 Perfect for Every Event: From weddings and corporate galas to outdoor celebrations, our Luxury Portable Toilets redefine elegance and convenience for any occasion.

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  • Two individual toilet cubicles
  • Stone top vanity with stainless steel sink and extra-large backlit mirrors in each cubicle
  • Internal power points in each cubicle for beauty appliances, etc.
  • Bluetooth sound system
  •  power system (240V )
  • Air conditioning unit
  • Fully self-contained
  • Cold / Hot Water

Terms and conditions apply. Price starting from $990. Plus, travel Subject to availability. Book now to secure your date

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