4 Simple Ways Wedding & Event Furniture Hire Makes Planning Easier

Planning a wedding can be a big challenge, but having the right furniture can make a huge difference. Whether your wedding is in a paddock, in a garden, horse arena, backyard, in a (town) hall or in a shed, the furniture you choose can match your style and create a space suited to your personality.  

With Wedding Furniture Hire, you can pick from fancy chairs for a formal look or rustic tables for a country feel. Plus, different style chairs & tables and cocktail style 

Furniture can make great spots for guests to hang out and chat. Wedding furniture hire is a smart move because it lets you choose from many styles without worrying  about what to do with it after the wedding.  

Gold Event Hire offers complete services, including delivery, setup, and pickup, which makes things much easier. Now you can make your wedding venue look amazing and stay focused on enjoying your big day.

Wedding & Event Furniture Hire

Choose Any Style You Like

When planning your wedding, aligning every detail with your theme is crucial for a cohesive and stunning look. 


Furniture plays a major role in setting the atmosphere of your event. 

1. Start by researching to define your style—look through wedding magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and wedding blogs, and create a mood board to organise your favourite ideas and colours.

2. Next, check out hire companies that specialise in wedding and event furniture. Gold Event Hire offers a range of styles, from vintage, rustic, country, modern to timeless, and often allows customisation such as choosing specific fabrics, colours and or decorations to match your theme. 

3. We will assist you in wedding planning, lean on our expertise to select and coordinate the best furniture options. 

We will guide you, even suggest vendors  e.g. on our Website you can find our Wedding LOVE stories to get ideas. 

We will help find your vision and budget and will handle the logistics of delivery and setup.

4. Last but not least, consider the requirements of your venue or wedding location.

For instance, with a stunning Marquee Wedding opt for our Americana White Resin, Slatted Americana Natural Beechwood or Americana Dark Timber Chairs, unless you are having our Integrated Timber Flooring you can go for our beautiful Bentwood Chairs

5. All in all, feel free to mix and match different styles to create a unique and engaging setting. By carefully choosing furniture that compliments your wedding theme, you enhance the storytelling of your special day, making it even more memorable.


Great Quality Furniture

When hiring furniture for your wedding or event, choosing high-quality and well-maintained pieces is key to making a good impression and creating a memorable setting. 

Look for furniture made from strong materials like solid wood, sturdy metal, and dense foam to ensure it can handle the demands of your event. 

The furniture should also be stylish, fitting with modern trends or your specific theme. Reliable hire companies keep their furniture in top shape by regularly inspecting and cleaning each item, and making necessary repairs, like fixing scratches or updating upholstery. 

Before selecting a vendor, read online reviews, possibly visit their showroom to see the furniture yourself, and make sure the hire agreement clearly states the furniture’s condition upon delivery. 

By focusing on these details, you ensure your furniture not only looks great but also enhances the overall comfort and atmosphere of your event.

furniture for your wedding

Save Money

Hiring furniture for a wedding or any event is often more cost-effective than buying. 

Hire companies buy the important furniture in bulk, benefiting from lower prices, which could pass on to you, making hiring cheaper than buying individual pieces. 

Also, Hire companies normally handle delivery, setup, and pick-up, usually included in the hiring cost or for a small fee. In contrast, if you bought furniture, you’d face extra costs for transportation and setup, plus the hassle of storage or selling the furniture after the event, often at a loss due to depreciation and lower resale value. 

Hire companies also maintain and repair the furniture, spreading these costs across many clients, saving you money on upkeep. 

Additionally, hiring allows you to select specific pieces that fit each event’s style and scale, offering flexibility and ensuring your setup always matches the occasion perfectly. 

Overall, hiring not only saves money but also removes the worries of logistics, maintenance, and depreciation.

Hiring furniture for a wedding or any event

Get Professional Advice

Working with our furniture hire experts can greatly improve your experience when choosing and customising furniture for your wedding or any big event. 

We understand different spaces well and can recommend the best furniture to fit your venue, whether it’s a large or small Marquee or an intimate space in a backyard or garden. We know how to match furniture with your event’s theme, from rustic to modern styles.

Gold Event Hire often allows you to customise furniture, letting you pick colours, designs to suit your theme. We can also adjust to fit your budget and style preferences. 

We use planning tools e.g. our Marquee Layout Program to show you how the set up 

Furniture, Dance Floor, Band area will fit in your Marquee and or your venue to ensure everything looks coordinated.

We’re good at solving any space or design issues and can adapt quickly to last-minute changes, ensuring your event looks exactly as you envisioned. 

Our expert help is key to making your event space look perfect and memorable.

Professional Advice

Why Choose Gold Event Hire for Wedding & Event Furniture Hire

Marquee Site Inspection

One of our experienced team members will personally visit your site for a comprehensive site inspection. 

During this visit, they will have the pleasure of meeting you in person, providing expert advice regarding the marquee setup, ensuring the location is suitable, and verifying adequate truck access. 

Additionally, our team member will bring along material and images of our marquee and other hire items, as well as a wealth of knowledge to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

We are committed to ensuring your event vision becomes a reality, and our site inspection is just one way we demonstrate our dedication to your satisfaction. 

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